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Weekly Preparation of all Three Meals

For individuals and groups who want to make it easier to eat healthier meals

Designed to follow a healthy eating plan, all prepared food is made with fresh, natural, whole grain; minimally to unprocessed, low fat foods. Every item will be labeled with date-to-use-by and heating instructions.

Meal plans for people with food allergies, diets such as vegan and vegetarian, and disease or disease-prevention-specific meal plans can be provided. (These diseases include, but are not limited to: diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease.)

Enjoy your busy life and eat well, too.

Monthly Food Shopping, Delivery, and Preparation

For the elderly, disabled or anyone struggling to keep up with shopping, cooking, and eating well.

Do you know an elderly or disabled person with a decreased desire or ability to do the food shopping or cook? Is a physical or mental impairment making it difficult to get around in the kitchen and make nutritious meals?

Worry no more—we can help! Our food shopping, preparation, and delivery services relieve the stress around meal planning.

We start by listening to the individual’s preferences. Then we do the food shopping; prepare the meals; and, provide education about the importance of maintaining good nutrition for overall health.

Let us help you show how much you care.