I was able to lose 15 pounds

Since my first appointment with Nicole, I felt as if I was on the path to a healthier life change. There would be times when I had the best intentions to follow the plan Nicole created for me, but when life hit I was back to my unhealthy habits. It all started with me attempting to reach two goals, drinking water and increasing my vitamin D. As weeks passed, I began seeing the positive impact water had on my energy, skin and hair. Being able to do achieve that goal while hearing from my doctors that my vitamin D increase, was a huge moment for me.

Then I set a goal weight, and month after month Nicole did not judge what I did not accomplished but encouraged me in the areas that I did well. I was able to lose 15 pounds with the fabulous Nicole!!!! She learned my language and style, helped me create a plan specific to me, which was awesome. I have been steady at my goal weight for 2 months now and I am continuing to follow the plan to make sure that this is a life style change. On the path to making this a lifestyle change, Nicole is always available through text, call or email to review a picture of a snack to help me figure out the best option for me or send me recipes to try at home. You are doing yourself a disservice if you do not try Nicole services!