Lowered cholesterol 60 points and blood sugar 19 points.

I have been monitoring my cholesterol and my sugar levels for a number of years, more closely the last two years since both levels have been slowly rising. It was suggested I begin cholesterol medication and I was also diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

Rather than start taking cholesterol medication I wanted to explore other options.

I made an appointment with Nicole to get an expert opinion on how I could make changes to my lifestyle.

Upon providing Nicole with a summary of my daily eating habits, she was able to offer many recommendations on how I can improve my diet. Most importantly her recommendations were personalized for me and included foods that I enjoyed eating. Nicole also made suggestions as to the best times during the day to eat these foods in order to maximize the benefits. She also made recommendations on how to expand my daily exercise routine and to increase my daily water intake.

With only one visit to Nicole, and after following her recommendations for just five months, I was able to make enough changes to lower my cholesterol 60 points and also lower my blood sugar by 19 points – both of which are now within normal range.

Philadelphia Pa