Personalized Exercise Made Convenient and Fun

Personal Training Sessions

Finally, exercise you’ll enjoy

  • It’s super motivating to have your own coach
  • Faster results keep you going

So convenient, no more excuses

  • Sessions at your home or a local park
  • Equipment provided
  • No purchase of gym membership needed

At your gym

  • Make the most of your membership
  • Change up your workout for best results

Group Fitness Classes

Maximize Motivation—Invite friends and family!

Get together atleast 5 people and I will teach the class!

  • Boot camps
  • High or low impact cardio
  • Total body sculpting classes
  • Interval and circuit trainings
  • Kick boxing and heavy bag work

Corporate Fitness Classes

Leave work with your workout done

  • Work out during your lunch break, before or after work
  • Let your trainer meet you at or near work

Weight loss challenges get results

  • Set up incentives ie cash prizes for higher participation

Help your employees avoid sick time and burnout

  • Increase productivity
  • Equipment provided or employees bring their own

Lunch-and-Learns and Presentations

Stay on the cutting edge

  • Presentations tailored to your organization’s needs, talks usually 1 hr but can be shortened
  • 25 + topics to choose from
  • Handouts provided

All Fitness Programs Include
Target heart rate ranges - maximum heart rate calculations
ongoing heart rate checks - daily caloric expenditure